CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 4-25-12

Jaguar F-Type is Poised to Pounce in 2013

A fourth member will join the Jaguar family, but it’s not so much new as it has been estranged.

Jaguar F-Type is Poised to Pounce


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CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 4-11-12

2012 New York auto show: The real cars of the future

(Credit: Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

During CNET’s press preview of the 2012 New York International Auto Show, I did not see some of the cars I hoped for, but saw plenty I liked. This show proved to be the most practical of the season, eschewing weird concept cars for real rubber meets the road stuff. The cars presented here are the ones you will see on the road and consider buying.

I was particularly pleased to see some much-needed new tech features from Acura, Infiniti, and Subaru, which should keep those companies relevant in this increasingly competitive space. Also on the stands were another affordable and economical BMW, along with a very strong showing of what will come of the Chrysler reorganization under Fiat. And let us not forget the flying car. Everyone wants to know about the flying car.

Here are some of the hot new cars from the show.

2013 SRT Viper
The Viper is back, shedding its Dodge branding for the newly formed SRT division under Chrysler. Where the old Viper relied on raw power, this new version takes advantage of technology to improve its performance handling and everyday driveability. And what SRT has produced looks like something that can go head-to-head with the supercars of the world. Traction and launch control systems now keeps the 600 pound-feet of torque from… [Read more]

Jaguar C-X16 concept to become F-Type two-seater convertible

A new Jaguar two-seater is coming–the F-Type convertible, based on the C-X16 concept rolled out at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

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CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 4-4-12

Jaguar F-Type Is The New E-Type [New York Auto Show]

Speaking today at the New York Auto Show, Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director of Jaguar confirmed the pussycat brand plans to build a car based on the C-X16 Concept and called the F-TYPE. Better news? It will be unveiled in production form later this year — well, without the camouflage it’s got above. More »




2013 Mercedes GL: As Big As A German Castle [New York Auto Show]

Need to tow a horse trailer or vintage racer or a fair-sized boat? Think a Suburban is utterly déclassé? Mercedes has you covered, good sir! The refreshed 2013 GL-Class supersized SUV bowed today, offering exactly zero surprises and likely causing ripples of civilized excitement among upper middle class and lower upper class households. More »



Nissan’s Iranian New York City Cab Problem [New York Auto Show]

While Nissan happily trumpets their taxi-selection victory inside the Javits Center, just outside Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate for the City of New York, held a press conference decrying the selection. The reason? Nissan still does business in Iran, in violation of U.S. sanctions. More »

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CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 2-27-12

Ford showcases customizing in 2013 Mustang ad

(Credit: Ford)

The 2013 Ford Mustang ad appeared on social networks in advance of being shown nationally during the Daytona 500 on Feb. 26.

Ford wants consumers to get creative with the 2013 Mustang. The company debuted an ad online on Friday depicting the creativity of Ford’s “Inner Mustang” customizer, which launched online last September.

Visitors to Ford’s Mustang Customizer can build the Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302, or GT500 as well as choose from a pallet of custom colors, trims, wheels, and decals. The finished designs can be shared on Facebook.

According to Ford, more than 4 million digital Mustangs have been made using the customizer. But is too early to tell if the Web site has affected sales of the cars. All of the customized Mustangs featured in the ad will be versions available to consumers, said Ford spokesman Said Deep.

“We have grown the number of people who now have Mustang on their radar,” Deep said.

[Read more]


Next time a TV spot for an SUV comes on, watch closely. You’ll notice that it’s pretty much the same as SUV commercials of a decade ago. But in 2012, things have changed. Fewer vehicles are technically SUVs.

Sizzling February sales point to a bigger year

New-vehicle sales are on fire in February, by almost all accounts. Now forecasters are recalculating — and figuring on a bigger year than they expected just weeks ago.

She evokes the Evoque’s luxury message

Generating buzz for an underdog brand is in Kim McCullough’s blood. Her father worked at the former Doyle Dane Bernbach on the original Volkswagen “Think Small” ad campaign in the late 1950s.

CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 2-22-12

Mercedes-Benz integrates Siri in A-Class

(Credit: Mercedes)

Mercedes’ Digital DriveStyle App and Drive Kit Plus for the Apple iPhone tightly integrates the iPhone with the vehicle’s electronics platform.

Mercedes-Benz is making Apple the core of the A-Class’ infotainment system by integrating iPhone applications and functionality–namely Siri–with its electronics system.

The new iPhone integration means that the driver can use either the controller or Siri voice commands to access applications.

The Drive Kit Plus integrates the iPhone with the vehicle’s electronics platform. It works in concert with Mercedes-Benz’ Digital DriveStyle App to display iPhone applications on the infotainment system screen and let the user access the app using vehicle controls or voice commands.

What applications the users can integrate and control will be up to Mercedes-Benz. The free app will add Twitter, Facebook, and Aupeo Personal Radio (which is like Pandora for Europe) to the vehicle’s infotainment system. The Digital DriveStyle app also adds Garmin navigation, which seems to replace CD- or DVD-based systems.

Using the vehicle’s controller dial on the center console, the driver will be able to select and change music stations, update statuses, and send messages in apps. The driver will also have the option to use Siri to do his or he… [Read more]

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CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 2-15-12

2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged [w/video]


This Midsize Cat Discreetly Blows Away its Competitors

The spotlight always shines on the superstars. These are the cars with the most powerful engines, largest wheels and most radical bodywork. In the midsize luxury sedan market, the brightest illumination falls on the flagships such as the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, Cadillac CTS-V, Jaguar XFR and Audi S6. These four-doors not only frequently secure the cover shots and garner the lion’s share of publicity, they also carry hefty window stickers.

But take a look past the flared wheel arches, side skirts and rear decklid spoilers and drop down a big notch in price. There you will find the unexpected sleepers – vehicles that appear much like their standard siblings yet pack serious firepower under the hood and all the proper go-fast equipment to tame it.

While not everyone in the midsize luxury sedan segment offers a contender in this niche (Audi and Cadillac only muster six-cylinder power), the BMW 550i, Mercedes-Benz E550 4Matic and this Jaguar XF Supercharged we recently spent a week with are prime examples of four-doors ripe for the discreet enthusiast.

Continue reading 2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged [w/video]


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CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 2-7-12

2013 Nissan 370Z: Same as it ever was

(Credit: Nissan)

Nissan will be showing its updated 370Z at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

The news that Nissan updated the 370Z for the 2013 model year seemed promising. The update that took it from the 350Z to the 370Z produced a brilliant little sports car.

But after reading the press release and looking at the photos, published in conjunction with the 2013 370Z’s unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show, this is not a car to get particularly excited about. When Nissan launched the 370Z in 2009, it came out with a shorter wheelbase and more power than the outgoing 350Z. The 2013 370Z changes little from the 2012 model, with mostly cosmetic touches.

2013 Nissan 370Z preview (photos)

[Read more]


AutoNews Now: Taking aim at MPG rule

New NADA president Bill Underriner says questions the rush toward costly fuel-economy mandates, plus other short tease

GM should revive crossover from the rubble of Saab

General Motors has a perfectly good crossover that’s waiting to be produced. Actually it was produced; several hundred were assembled before production was halted. I’m talking about the Saab 9-4X.

Fisker stops work at Delaware plant to renegotiate DOE loan

Electric car startup Fisker Automotive said on Monday it has suspended work at its U.S. manufacturing plant and laid off 26 workers while it renegotiates the terms of its $529 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy.

CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 2-2-12

Car Tech Live 250: Tesla Model X and Model S orgy! (podcast)


Tesla hits us with an orgy of new cars, Spotify heads into Ford dashboards, a new superfast wireless to rock cars soon and we drive the 2012 VW Jetta GLI.

Car Tech Live 250: Tesla Model X and Model S orgy!

Listen now: Download today’s podcast


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Calif. Insurer Group Opposes Proposed Regulations Meant to Benefit Body Shops

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) recently held a workshop to discuss proposed labor rate survey and steering regulations that would be be…

Chrysler, Hyundai set pace as industry sales rise 11%; SAAR hits 14.2M

Chrysler Group, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai and Kia set the pace as U.S. light vehicle sales rose 11 percent in January from a year ago. Chrysler’s sales advanced by 44 percent, and volume climbed 40 percent at the Volkswagen Group.

CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 1-31-12

Take a tour of BMW’s new Mog online music system

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

BMW is the first automaker to integrate an online music selection service into a production car.

My iPhone, with 8GB of memory, can hold about 1,700 tracks. A BMW’s internal hard drive has room for almost 3,000 tracks. Now, BMW’s new Mog integration puts 14 million tracks at a driver’s fingertips.

I sat in the driver’s seat of a 2012 BMW 650i, with Robert Passaro, the head of BMW’s App Center, in the passenger seat. But we weren’t going anywhere. Our entire focus was on the stereo.

Passaro slotted an iPhone 4S into the BMW’s cradle, nestled in the console compartment. Tapping the Mog icon on the phone, the app launched, but showed a custom graphic with the BMW logo instead of the standard Mog iPhone interface.

On the wide, 10.2-inch LCD mounted in the 650i’s dashboard, a Mog entry asserted itself among the list of onboard audio sources. With the car’s iDrive controller, I selected it and was treated to a screen showing cover art for the current track, along with a set of icons on the left for search, track skipping, marking a track as a favorite, and reviewing the current playlist. The icons of this screen were all arranged in the familiar BMW iDrive format.

BMW integrated the Mog app with its latest cars late last year, making it the first automaker to integrate an online, on-demand music selection service. Many automakers have or are starting t… [Read more]


Domestics gained market share in California last year

Domestic automakers gained in the California new-vehicle market last year as Japanese automakers suffered disaster-related product shortages.

AutoNews Now: Selling Lexuses with a smile?

Lexus tops BMW in dealer satisfaction; Yazaki, Denso to plead guilty in price-fixing case, and eternal teens to edible curtains: a Super Bowl ad preview.

Auto hacking seen as growing risk with electronics frenzy

Drivers can talk with each other via Bluetooth phone connections, ask their cars for directions and dial up satellite radio. The same cars use electronic components to signal the gas pedal to accelerate and control stability.

CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 1-23-12

Police need warrant for GPS tracking, high court rules

(Credit: Declan McCullagh)

The Supreme Court struck down the U.S. government’s argument that it can use GPS to track a suspect’s vehicle without a warrant.

In a unanimous decision, the court said the Fourth Amendment protection of “persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures” would be violated if law enforcement agencies were allowed to attach a GPS location to a suspect’s vehicle without obtaining a warrant.

Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Sonia Sotomayor, and Chief Justice John Roberts sided with that opinion. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Samuel Alito issued opinions saying that the tracking violates a person’s “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Ultimately, however, all the judges agreed with the final decision to require warrants for GPS tracking.

The Obama administration might not be too happy to hear of the decision. It has argued that a warrant should not be required to track vehicles with GPS technology.

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