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A look at Jaguar future products: F-Type pays heed to Jaguar’s history | AutoWeek

Jaguar will launch the all-new F-Type roadster next year as a halo car for the English brand.

The F-Type takes styling cues from Jaguar’s iconic E-Type from the 1960s and is expected to compete with cars such as the Porsche 911, said Andy Goss, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America.

“We have to make sure the F-Type has an emotional pull similar to the Porsche 911,” Goss said. “We have not had that.”

U.S. sales of the F-Type will be fewer than 10,000 units a year, he said.

After years of offering only fuel-thirsty V8 engines, Jaguar will offer smaller engines this fall to boost sales in a fuel economy-conscious market. It will offer four- and six-cylinder engines in two of its three car lines. Its major competitors have already downsized their engines. [Read more]


Jaguar adds AWD, new four- and six-cylinder engines to 2013 lineup | AutoWeek

Jaguar is offering the option of all-wheel drive on the XF and XJ sedans for 2013 models, and adds supercharged four- and six-cylinder engines to the XF.  Also, all automatic XF and XJ sedans will use a new eight-speed transmission from German supplier ZF, as Jaguar looks to boost the fuel economy of its vehicles.  [Read more]


I-CAR to Serve as ‘Linking Pin’ and Portal for OEM Repair Procedures | BodyShopBusiness

“Conceptual Solution Set” will facilitate dialogue between collision repairers and OEMs and make repair procedures more available.


When Customer Complaints Go Viral | CarHelp

The image above is an important example of how crucial customer service is in the auto industry. It happens so quickly: a customer feels taken advantage of by a dealership and takes extreme measures to vent their frustration, someone takes a photo and posts it online, and within a few days over 500,000 people have [...]


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