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An English Bulldog Learns New Tricks

2012 Jaguar XFR

The booming woke us. We had spent the night on a slip road next to Stonehenge, and now somewhere, every few minutes, a cataclysm dropkicked the sky and beat Mother Earth badly enough to warrant pressing charges. This is a miserable wake-up call: Gray sky, foggy Earth, a mystical monolith, the ground beneath having a seizure and Chinooks and Apaches floating over the harvested fields. Death was on the way, and he was in a mad hurry.

Which would have been a shame, because our ‘bed’ was the driver’s seat of the 2012 Jaguar XFR and we weren’t finished enjoying Jaguar’s junior B-road mauler. The major organs of the XFR, pumped full of life by its supercharged V8, have been with us since 2009. It is the reskinning of those organs – probably the most significant cosmetic surgery in Coventry since the XJ stepped out of its antiquity – that’s meant to make the magic of this particular car. Representing the long-overdue promise of the C-XF concept, this update allows us the hope that it would move past the Ford-mandated bait and switch that sucker-punched us when, after the C-XF, we were given the production version of the first-generation XF.

With no major changes made to its mechanics, we already know how the XF drives. We were spending time with it to make sure its beauty was as deep as its ability. Or put even better by Clive, the otherwise imperturbable English gent we met on the Salisbury plain, “Look at it! That’s dogs, ‘at is! Dogs!” And in this case, “Dogs!” was a very, very good thing.  Read More


Jaguar Lines Up 4-, 6-cylinder Engines (AutoWeek)

Jaguar hasn’t offered a four-cylinder engine since 1948 and no V6 since the small, lackluster X-Type was pulled from the United States four years ago. [read more]


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