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BMW Gives ActiveE Drivers Incentive to Fuel Up with the Sun

(Credit: BMW)

BMW ActiveE Smartphone Application

By driving electric cars, BMW ActiveE drivers have already kicked the gasoline habit. But now the auto manufacturer is giving them a little help in the effort to quit fossil fuels for good. BMW has partnered with Real Goods Solar to offer EV customers discounted residential solar panel systems so they can charge up using only the sun.

BMW ActiveE (photos)

Real Goods Solar will install solar panels at homes of ActiveE drivers at a 35 percent discount. The Colorado-based company operates offices in California and Connecticut, and offers several purchase plans, including the typical upfront system purchase, a zero-down 20-year lease of the system, and a pre-pay lease.

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Porsche plans sedan below Panamera to compete with Mercedes E class, report says

Porsche will introduce a smaller version of its four-door Panamera sedan by 2017, a German car magazine said. The sedan, code-named Pajun, will expand Porsche’s portfolio to six model lines and compete with the Mercedes E class and CLS coupe cars.

Nissan says Magna Steyr will build new Infiniti entry model

Nissan said contract manufacturer Magna Steyr will build a new premium compact car for the automaker’s Infiniti brand starting in 2014.


Mercedes-Benz shows off the dark side of the C63 AMG Black Series coupe

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series

Mercedes-Benz has rolled out a new video for its vicious C63 AMG Black Series. The 510-horsepower machine spends a little time frolicking through an industrial complex before taking to an open stretch of track for a little more fun. The entire clip is appropriately shot in black and white and set to the riotous tones of the hefty 6.2-liter V8 banging off the limiter. Not a bad way to blow two minutes of your day.

As you may recall, Chris Harris recently lined the C63 AMG Black Series up against bruisers like Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the BMW M3 GTS for a little German showdown. Harris found the C63 to be a willing dance partner with appropriate levels of presence on the street, but still found the machine out gunned by the track-bred Porsche.

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