CBR Auto Body San Jose News : 1-16-12

This 875-Horsepower Ferrari FF Runs On Corn Gas [Ferrari FF]

For less than $2K you can convert your Ferrari FF to run on E85, raising the pathetic 650 stock horsepower to a more respectable 875 hp. On top of that, you’ll apparently cut emissions by 80%. It’s the “green” grand touring supercar. More »




Finally, auto industry sheds the gloom

Design directions, not double dips. Products, not Nancy Pelosi. Last week, government intervention, tsunamis and recalls finally stepped aside for a four-letter word: buzz.

For execs, many ways to walk the auto show

Media days at an international auto show are as much about the people as they are about the cars on display Edward Lapham is executive editor of Automotive News.

Fiat-Chrysler would benefit from alliance with PSA

French pride may not tolerate PSA becoming a junior partner in a three-way tie-up with Fiat and Chrysler, but such a move makes a lot of sense Automotive News Senior Reporter Luca Ciferri is based in Turin, Italy.

Bowing to states, TrueCar alters model

Scott Painter, whose TrueCar online auto shopping site rattled the industry by promising customers no-haggle pricing and deep discounts, is changing his business model to comply with state regulations.